Data Driven Classroom Extractor

Data Driven Classroom Extractor 3.1

Automatically transforms fixed-width files into Excel or delimited files (See all)
Data Driven Classroom

The Data Driven Classroom Extractor automatically transforms fixed-width files into Excel or delimited files. The following files are supported:
- California

Main Features:

- Easier, Cleaner User Interface
The Extractor bring a new, easier to use inteface so you can get to your data even faster than before.

- Import any Excel or text file
You don't have to be limited to only viewing and merging STAR and CELDT files. Now you can view and merge any file you have in Excel or text format. Want to join that spreadsheet you have with the STAR test results? Now you can!

- Merge two tables into one
Ever wonder how you could see STAR and CELDT data side by side for the same student? Now you can join and merge data from ANY source. Put your STAR and CELDT files together, join student rosters, even put multiple years of test data side by side in the same file!

- Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatibility
The DDC Extractor is now compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

- Choose from ALL the fields
The STAR and CELDT templates now include ALL the fields in the data description. Choose which fields you want to extract from your file. No more 150 column files with too much useless data.

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